UPDATE: June 25, 2015

  • Revenge of the Green Dragons”                                                                                       FREE AAIFF Screening July 20, 2015                                                                                Flushing Town Hall, Queens NY 6PM                                                                               Digital Download & DVD/Blu-Ray AVAILABLE!                                                           NEW Interview                                                                                                                          Carl+Li+Revenge+Green+Dragons+Premiere+2014+Pckz9mSYihAx Carl+Li+Revenge+Green+Dragons+Premiere+2014+zGZ7bFQ1e9Gx Premiere @ TIFF 
  • THE OUTREACH Episode 5: Smiles for Stephanie
  • New Weekly: Gayme Night [NEW Show]
  • NEW ‘A HOME FOR WIZARDS‘ Promo & Update!
  • Watch for me in the Fall in the pilot for BLINDSPOT on NBC.
  • Revenge of the Green DragonsFREE AAIFF Screening July 20, 2015                      Digital Download & DVD/Blu-Ray AVAILABLE!                                                            NEW Interview                                                                                                          Carl+Li+Revenge+Green+Dragons+Premiere+2014+Pckz9mSYihAx Carl+Li+Revenge+Green+Dragons+Premiere+2014+zGZ7bFQ1e9Gx Premiere @ TIFF 
  • New Yorkers For Dance Spot
  • Executive Producer: Late Cambrian‘s album GOLDEN TIME [2015]
  • Top Asian Actors to watch for in Hollywood!

Current Temporary Look [inquire for update – Hair is Black]

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Carl K. Li – Reel 04 – HD from Carl Li on Vimeo.
Edited by Neil Ramkissoon

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