#RevengeOfTheGreenDragons Bootleg Trailer (17 min mark), Exec. produced by #MartinScorsese. #CarlKLi

Revenge of the Green Dragons is a new film by director, Andy Lau, who’s film, Infernal Affairs, was made into the Martin Scorsese Oscar winning American Film, The Departed. Executive produced by Martin Scorsese. Co-Directed and co-written by Andy Loo. Starring Ray Liota, Justin Chon, Harry Shum Jr., Eugenia Yuan, Kevin Wu, Shuya Chang, Jin Auyeung, Leonard Wu, Carl Ka-Ho Li, Celia Au, Alex Fox, Michael Gregory Fung, & others,…

The film’s 1st trailer has yet to be publicly released, but in this conference panel for the film, a tailer is screened at the 17 min. mark.

Revenge of the Green Dragons is based on a true story, based on the New Yorker piece, of the same name, from the 90s about the Asian youth gang, The Green Dragons of New York City, in the 80s. This article and pictures can be found online.

I played the role of “Chicken Wing.”


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