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Do you like comics and videogames? Do you play Infinite Crisis? CLICK HERE

One of my major all time addictions are #comics. Some of my early childhood comics were some funny comics from Hong Kong, not sure of the name, but it starred this clueless guy with glasses. I also had some Disney character comics, like Donald Duck, and I also remember having Battle of the Planets. I think I really started reading and collecting seriously when I was around 12, sometime in the 80s? I can’t really remember, but probably just before Jademen Comics started in the U.S. Jademen Comics and X-Men were my first serious collecting comics. Anyone read Jademen? Loved their comics. They were the Kung Fu fantasy comics from Hong Kong. I used to get my comics from Max Comics, or Max’s Comics, which was next to my grandma’s Chinese Food takeout place in a flea market in Enfield, CT. She also owned this Chinese restaurant called China Jade around there. My mom would work at the flea market on weekends, Sundays I think. I would buy my comics at Max’s and read them in the back of the takeout place and I never looked back.

I used to care so much about “collecting.” I ordered my comics three months in advance from Previews, at over $300 at a time. I skipped lunch and saved my lunch money at school for comics. That was a bad idea, cause I was always starving and on the verge of passing out in gym class. I remember having to go to the nurse cause I was hungry ha ha. I now have a bad habit of not eating. Then I also got into ordering comics from some company that gave a good discount through the mail, and often had crazy deals, discounts, and variant covers if you bought multiple copies of the same books, and yeah, at the time I fell for them all, ha ha. I ended up having so many comics, I never ever was caught up with them all. I prided myself in discovering new stuff, so I would order Indy books from Previews, or buy from racks and try new stuff all the time.

Some of my all time early discoveries were Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, 30 Winks, Kabuki, … Idk, many others, I can’t recall the names of now, but I pretty much almost tried everything. This lead to my getting more out of control over the years, and now, I’m much more selective, as there is just so much more out there now,… I just can’t get everything, and read everything anymore, sadly. So, I do miss reading some good stuff. I’m so bad, sometimes when I really like something, i continue buying it blindly, but then stop reading it so I can make room to read new stuff, or to read stuff I’m not sure if I like yet, so I can determine wether or not I should continue buying them. Eventually, with organizing and cataloging comics, and reading them, it became more than just a hobby, it was like “work.” I spent as much time or actually more time organizing than actually reading, and when I read, I wound up alway trying to catch up. I would prioritize my reading based on what was coming out next, and what I wasn’t sure if I liked enough to continue buying.

Well, comics collecting, and reading is still a struggle for me today, ha ha. I had always said, if there was a comicbooks anonymous, I’d be president, ha ha. I’m always trying to figure out ways to manage this addiction. To aid in my anxiety over owning too many comics, I started getting into digital, and then eventually, I bought an iPad. Digital ended up creating some other complications, as it was another variable in collecting, managing and documenting.


Videogames, I’ve always loved, and played a lot when I was little, but as I grew up, I played less and less, though I still followed the trendies and enjoyed others playing. I eventually stopped by the end of high school? Or just after? I don’t know,… But up until the past 2 years or so, the last time I owned a console, it was the SEGA Genesis, and then after, the last game I remember really playing was Metal Gear Solid for the Play Station I think?

More recently, I got started getting back into games playing the Marvel Avengers Alliance game on Facebook, ha ha. I started a year after it was introduced, and I was addicted!!! So bad, I stayed up all night, sometimes just not even making it to bed at all, skipping meals, not going out, canceling social commitments, not being social. It got so bad, I even started doing all the “offers” to gain virtual currency, had a whole network of online friends playing it, and then started spending money, a minimum of $50/month, and it was just horrible. I think I even ended up missing an audition or two.

My friends became pretty concerned, and somehow, somehow, I stopped, thankfully JUST before the game was introduced on mobile devices, but I did not stop playing games ha ha.

Having an iPad didn’t help. Like with comics, I continued trying to discover and try new games, but after loosing control with Avengers Alliance, I never let myself get caught up and spend money again since, so, I rarely EVER purchase games, let alone make in app purchases. If I purchased a game, normally it’d be a Comicbook related game. I really got into mobile device games like the Avengers Initiative game, and Injustice, my next major addictions. Then I started really getting into those tower defense type of games too, Clash of Clans, Samurai Siege, and currently my favorite, Dungeon Keeper!

It’s really lucky I don’t have a console or a PC, cause I had really wanted to play the DCU Online game, and still do. Oh, and Injustice. I also really wanted to play the DC Comics MOBA Infinite Crisis, and still do,… I am even in the beta ha ha, and yeah, I don’t own a PC. You know, the entire reason why I originally started this post was to post my Infinite Crisis invite link to gain points, he he. What’s worse is that I randomly woke up at 6:30am, and was compelled to post this ha ha. This post ended up a lot longer than expected, I’ll go back and add the link here, and back up top ha ha.


Oh, and Marvel Heroes! As soon as these games are available for a MAC or even better, on mobile device, iPad specifically, I WILL play, unless I somehow come into a PC or a Play Station, which I’ve inquired many people about, especially since people may get rid of their PS3 with the 4 being released. Many promised me, but I have yet to get one ha ha. I also tried playing WOW a little, but it didn’t last too long. Fortunate for me, I’m not really into games where you quest indefinitely. I like them, but I guess, I never got hooked enough, which is very very good for me. I have access to more consoles now, so I’m slowing learning about games other gamers have know about for years. I’ve recently discovered Boarderlands 2, Portal 2, the new Tomb Raider, Skylanders,…

It’s so much fun meeting people or discovering that other friends that are into comics or videogames :-). 98% of the time when I see someone reading a comic, I will talk to them. Usually it’s on the subway, and majority have been female! Cool huh?


This is my first post from the WordPress App on iPad, and I didn’t reread and edit this.


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