My new YouTube show, #FirstImpressions featuring #DCComics #WonderWoman 30

I’m starting to do a little YouTube show where you’ll literally get initial first impressions of various things from comics, movies, music, or video games.  This first First Impression is for the DC Comic Wonder Woman 30, that came out 04/16/14.  The show is hosted by myself and the super amazingly talented Jaysen Headley.

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What is First Impressions?
Literal initial thoughts on the first exposure to comics, film, music, video games, etc familiar and unfamiliar.

BUT, there’s value to creators and industries to know what truly comes across and what doesn’t, initially, for for those familiar and not familiar with what’s being reviewed.  Products don’t always have the benefits of an established brand/name and hype attached, and with an over saturation of product, consumers don’t have the luxury to give everything a first chance, let alone a fair chance.  Brand/name recognition factor alone isn’t enough either, though it’ll help with it’s initial launch, but beyond that, in my opinion, regardless of brand/name recognition, there are certain things, including hype, that are very important for a product have in order to GRAB the consumer right off the bat on multiple levels to ensure they will continue to support and invest in it long term.

Reviews will be done by myself, and Jaysen Headley.

Like, Subscribe and let us know what you’d like us to check out next, even if it’s something old.

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Possible future features:

  • Other Guest Reviewers to have diverse representation of perspectives; from those who are familiar and not familiar with what’s being reviewed.
  • A follow-up, Second Impression – a comprehensive review after thoughts have settled and gathered.
  • I’d like to also add “what I buy each week,” specifically impulse buys.  There are some comics, I buy on the fly, based on the cover, the property, publisher, creators, hearsay, and a flip through look at art.

Here are some other reviews I’ve done in the past:

I don’t trust that my spontaneous views will be how I feel about anything.  These are initial thoughts very specific to who I am, and possibly far off from the majority’s, so perhaps not so helpful to creators and industry in general.  As with anyone else, my views change with time, additional exposure/experience, and the influence of others, I’m just taking the risk of speaking without much time to gather my thoughts, to give you something as raw as possible.  Some things I say, or do will make no sense even to myself.


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