Life After Death Post & Comics June 24, 2014 First Impressions

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Some thoughts and ideas on Life After Death for this week’s Blog
Life After Death

First Impressions
Comics June 25, 2014
Every week we hope to bring you our literal, initial thoughts and ratings on comics (mainly), video games, TV shows, music, film books, theatre, maybe food, clothes and anything else, both familiar and unfamiliar. SPOILER ALERT ACTIVATED!

This week from Carl Li, Jaysen Headley & Guest, Amy Chang:
COMICS June 25th, 2014 – First Impressions
0:16 5 Star Rating System
0:25 WHAT WE BOUGHT THIS WEEK [Impulse/Blind/Solid Buys]
0:32 Batman #32 [DC] BLIND BUY Jaysen-5 Stars
1:08 Batman Eternal #12 [DC] SOLID BUY Carl-3/Jaysen-3 Stars
2:00 Chew #42 [Image] SOLID BUY Jaysen-4 Stars
2:41 Flash #32 [DC] BLIND BUY, not rated
2:51 Futures End #07 [DC] NOT SHOWN
3:08 Justice League #31 [DC] SOLID BUY Carl-4/Jaysen-4 Stars
3:58 Ms. Marvel (#3,#4,) 4:07 #5 [Marvel] SOLID BUY Jaysen-5 Stars
4:51 Nightbreed #02 [BOOM!] Carl-3 Stars
5:16 Outcast #01 [Image] SOLID BUY Carl-4-5/Jaysen-3/Amy-4 Stars
8:12 Rat Queens #06 [Image] SOLID BUY Carl-4 Stars
8:44 Saga #20 [Image] Carl-2/Jaysen-4 Stars
10:10 Superman #32 [DC] Carl-2-3/Jaysen-4/Amy-4 Stars
13:13 Super Secret Crisis War #01 [IDW] Amy-2 1/2-3 Stars
14:23 Trees #2 [Image] Carl-1/Jaysen-2 Stars

Special First Impressions
16:00 Adventures of Aero-Girl #01 [Indie] SOLID
Carl-4, Jaysen-4, Amy-4 Stars
by @DeWayneFeenstra and Axur Eneas

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