Create Belief & Earth 2 #25, The Woods #3 Comics July 2, 2014 #WeeklyWrites #FirstImpressions

Weekly Writes Prompt: ‘Make Believe’ on KCRRLives Blog
Create Belief Post

Actors, and those who use the power of ‘belief’ use “make-believe” all the time to ‘become’ something, or to ‘believe’ something about themselves or the world they live in.

Some of the most powerful beliefs were instilled in us as a child.  Those are really solid beliefs that are hard to change.  Some are good some are not so good.

Sometimes, I like to pretend to be someone else to get something done.

‘Make belief’ can kinda be like faith.

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First Impressions

Earth 2 #25, The Woods #3 & Comics July 2, 2014
Every week we hope to bring you our literal, initial thoughts and ratings on comics (mainly), video games, TV shows, music, film books, theatre, maybe food, clothes and anything else, both familiar and unfamiliar.  SPOILER ALERT ACTIVATED!

This week from Carl Li and Jaysen Headley:

COMICS July 2nd, 2014 – First Impressions
0:35 WHAT WE BOUGHT THIS WEEK [Impulse/Blind/Solid Buys]
0:38 Batman Eternal #13[DC] SOLID BUY Carl-3/Jaysen-3 Stars
2:32 Earth 2 #25 [DC] SOLID BUY Carl-5 Stars
3:37 Enormous #1 [215 Ink] Carl-1/Jaysen-4 Stars
5:58 Figment #2 [Marvel] SOLID BUY Jaysen-4 Stars
6:38 Green Arrow #32 [DC] BLIND BUY
6:47 Iron Fist #4 [Marvel] SOLID BUY Jaysen-4 Stars
7:24 Nailbiter #3 [Image] Carl-3 Stars
8:32 Original Sin #5 [Marvel] SOLID BUY Carl-4 Stars
9:12 Rocket Raccoon #1 [Marvel] SOLID BUY Jaysen-4 Stars
10:03 Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man #3 [Marvel] Jaysen-3 Stars
11:07 Superman Unchained #7 [DC] BLIND BUY
11:28 Tech Jacket #1 [Image] Carl-2 Stars
12:50 The Woods #3 [Boom! Studios] Carl-2 /Jaysen-5 Stars
Carl – Earth 2 #25, Jaysen – The Woods #3

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