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First Impressions: Comics July 16, 2014

See what we thought of these great #Comics including #Seconds by #BryanLeeOMalley of #ScottPilgrim fame & #Robin Rises Omega! July 16, 2014 #FirstImpressions

KCRRLives Blog, Ft. Weekly Writes prompt:

The First Time I Saw You, You Knew
This one is a bit on the personal side, but I also talk philosophically about the idea of “when I first saw you, I knew.”

Late Cambrian

I recently became Late Cambrian‘s Executive Producer for the forthcoming album GOLDEN TIME.

If The Strokes and Phoenix adopted a rock baby from Elliot Smith and The Arctic Monkeys the baby’s name would be Late Cambrian.

They are currently in studio recording brand new music and planning a UK tour in Fall 2014.  You can support them and get amazing exclusive incentives at PledgeMusic!

Late Cambrian is:
a Brooklyn Indie Alternative Rock band with an Asian front man
John (guitar/lead vocal)
Nunzio (bass/vocal)
O (keyboard/vocal)Unknown

  • Named The Best NYC Indie Band of 2013 by Deli Magazine

  • Their albums The Last Concert and PEACH are sold at HMV and Tower Records in Japan through their Japanese label This Time Records.

  • Converse Rubber Tracks invited them to record Walk Of Shame at their Brooklyn studio.

  • Toured in NY, NJ, PA and VA opening for Wheatus who has a No.1 single Teenage Dirtbag (now covered by One Direction) in UK and Australia.

  • Their newest album PEACH is now available in HMV Singapore and Hong Kong!

Here are some useful Late Cambrian links:

Late Cambrian Official Website has shows and press



Soundcloud has many of our songs.




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