Guardians of the Galaxy|Math Warriors s5 FINALE!|Comics Aug. 6th Forbidden Planet Transmissions| [First Impressions & Blog Post]

First Impressions: Guardians of the Galaxy

My weekly show where we give our initial thoughts on something.  Usually comics, TV, Film and Video-games.  In this episode, we give our initial thoughts on the film, Guardians of the Galaxy, right after we saw it on opening night!

Forbidden Planet – Transmissions: Comics Aug. 6, 2014

We were invited to guest host their show!!  We got to see and talk about all the comics a day before they were released!

Math Warriors season 5 Finale! – Episode 6: Primetime

Will the pageant ladies find a way to sabotage the prisoners before the pageant? Does Felicia have any hope of surviving the Miss America pageant so she can pay her Yale tuition? Will Feng succeed in recruiting new Funky Functions members?

Math Warriors Crowd Funder Promo

Math Warriors: the Webseries is being featured on Fox 29’s The Crowd Funder TV Show this summer! RADICAL! Take a trip down math memory lane with us as we introduce new people to our super prime show!


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