Afterlife w/ Archie #7, Batgirl #37, Bitch Planet #1, Shutter #7 + Flash ep9, Arrow ep9, + Game of Thrones Telltale Games – Week of Dec 10, 2014 FIRST IMPRESSIONS

FIRST IMPRESSIONS With Carl Li & Jaysen Headley: WEEK OF DEC 10, 2014

Every week we hope to bring you our literal, initial thoughts and ratings on COMICS, TV, FILM, VIDEO GAMES, music, books, theatre, maybe food, clothes and anything else, both familiar and unfamiliar. g

This week we give our initial thoughts on COMICS: Afterlife with Archie #7, Batgirl #37, Bitch Planet #1, Shutter #7 + TV SHOWS: The Flash ep 9, Arrow s3 ep 9, + VIDEO GAME: Game of Thrones: Blood From Ice Telltale Games


1:00 5 Star Rating System

COMICS DEC 10th, 2014
1:19 Afterlife w/ Archie #7 [Archie] 5 STARS
2:44 Batgirl #37 [DC] 3.5 STARS
4:40 Rocket Raccoon #6 [Marvel] 3/5/4 STARS
5:07 Bitch Planet #1 [Image] 4 STARS
6:24 Shutter #7 [Image] 5 STARS
7:53 The Rest of Our Pull-list

8:41 Flash ep 9 ‘The Man With the Yellow Suit’ Carl 4 STARS, Jaysen 3.5 STARS
12:13 Arrow s3 ep 9 ‘The Climb’ Carl 4.5 STARS, Jaysen 5 STARS

15:51 Game of Thrones – Blood From Ice [Telltale Games] 4 STARS

17:33 Outro
19:11 Outtake

Let us know your thoughts and suggestions. Is there something you’d like us to check out next, even if it’s old? Did you read, see, play, or hear anything we reviewed?


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There’s value to creators and industries to know what truly comes across and what doesn’t, initially, for for those familiar and not familiar with what’s being reviewed. Products don’t always have the benefits of an established brand/name and hype attached, and with an over saturation of product, consumers don’t have the luxury to give everything a first chance, let alone a fair chance. Brand/name recognition factor alone isn’t enough either, though it’ll help with it’s initial launch, but beyond that, in my opinion, regardless of brand/name recognition, there are certain factors (ie. for comics, including cover, story, art and hype), that are very important for a product have in order to GRAB the consumer right off the bat on multiple levels (ie. impulse, point of purchase buys, with just 1 issue), to ensure they will continue to support and invest in it long term.


My knee-jerk views are what they are, my own views, specific to who I am, but they don’t necessarily reflect how I really feel about anything given the chance to gather my thoughts. Can I trust myself to say, or do things, when I confuse myself sometimes? It’s a risk, but I do take responsibility for putting it out there, and try not to be irresponsible, in order to provide something raw. I’m a philosopher and devils advocate at heart. I really do feel I can see the both sides of everything, even though expressing them through language/words sometimes is a struggle as I feel, I’ve been losing my grasp of vocabulary, and ability to focus overtime. I’ve always been more of a feeler; how I remember things, and in decision making (which is a whole other struggle). Language/words have always seemed limiting to me. As with anyone else, my views, can and do, change with time, additional exposure/experience, and the influence of others.

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