First Impressions Week of Jan. 21 & 28, 2015

FIRST IMPRESSIONS [FI] w/ Carl Li & Jaysen Headley for the Week of Jan. 21 & 28 2015 

Every week we hope to bring you our literal, initial thoughts and ratings on COMICS, TV, FILM, VIDEO GAMES, music, books, theatre, maybe food, clothes and anything else, both familiar and unfamiliar. SPOILER ALERT ACTIVATED!


About carlkli

BLOGGER: DC Legends WildStorm Creative Arts EDITOR A Love Story For Witches A Home For Wizards Longtails Apollo's Landing The Kingdom ACTOR/PERFORMER/PRODUCER : SHOWS: 'Gayme Night' and 'First Impressions' on YOUTUBE: carlkaholi TWITTER/INSTAGRAM: carlkli BoardGameGeek: thelyght4
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