PREPARING TO ACT: For Auditions + STAR WARS ARMADA [Gayme Night Review]

PREPARING TO ACT: For Auditions – Present & Comfortable

Disclaimer, at the end….

I’m not in the mood
If you’re not in the mood, and you don’t really want to be there, maybe you shouldn’t be there, but if you DO want to be there, then you need to start adjusting your attitude and perspective so you are.  This is something actors need to do ALL the time, to get themselves in the mood to do or be something they currently are not.  *This may involve some acting, but if you’re gonna fake it,.. fake it to make it.  Meaning, only fake so much, at first, to get yourself to where you would be if you were your best, and let it take over when you’re there.

In the end, just … Connect with yourself.




Another New GAYME NIGHT Review by Carl Li & Jaysen Headley featuring STAR WARS ARMADA by Fantasy Flight Games!


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