Gameapalooza’s Interview w/ Carl Li & Jaysen Headley, + MY VOICE, MY LIFE [AAIFF] + DUMBO [Vault Disney #4] Reviews

This week I have a link to an interview Jaysen Headley and I did for Gameapalooza.  I’ll also have a link to my post about the opening night film for the Asian American International Film Festival, ‘MY VOICE, MY LIFE’ by Ruby Yang and DUMBO for the Vault Disney Project.


Link to interview!

Our Interview with Gameapalooza (an Australian Tabletop Gaming News & Reviews site) for #GaymeNight  just went up!! 

DUMBO [Jaysen Headley’s Disney Vault Project #4] 

I’m also supposed to talk about DUMBO, for the 4rth Vault Disney Project, but I missed it, but I’ll say a few words and have a link to Jaysen Headley’s thoughts on his blog post.

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‘My Voice, My Life’ was the Opening Night film for the Asian American International Film Festival [AAIFF] 2015, a documentary from Hong Kong directed by Ruby Yang.

When I first heard that this film was the Opening Night film, I thought, wow, a documentary?  It must really be worth watching.  I can’t say that I remember many documentaries being selected as the Opening Night film for film festivals, so it must be special.

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