1st Review for ‘A Home For Wizards’ + ‘Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone’ [Book & Film] + Demos & Teaching Board Games [Gayme Night Special]

What I’ve recently worked on other than designing board games?
I just shot a short film “The Man With The Western Hat’ by Cinder Chou

A HOME FOR WIZARDS UPDATE: [January 19, 2016]

One of our first reviews for ‘A Home For Wizards’ is up now by Whatchareading.com’s !
Wow, 5 out of 5!!!

Click HERE to read.


The Geekery HQ

42-11 Broadway, Astoria, New York 11103

6 -9pm officially, but we’ll be around.

There will be BOARD GAMES, FUN, and a READING by author Jaysen Headley.
We will also have SPECIALS on the book.
GET A Love Story for Witches AND A Home For Wizards
– A RAFFLE entry for a GEEKERY HQ GIFT CARD, with purchase of a book.
– A DISCOUNT on the book with a purchase at The Geekery HQ!

UPDATE: Twitter Giveaway
Tweet#AHomeForWizards book launch @thegeekeryhq 1/23 6pm”
 to win Signed copies of both #ALoveStoryForWitches and #AHomeForWizards!  Provided by our launch sponsored  The Geekery HQ!  Must be in attendance to win.


‘A Home For Wizards’ on Facebook
Jaysen Headley – Creator
Carl Li – Senior Editor
Amy Chang – Senior Editor
Dexter Allagahrei – Cover Artist

Just finished Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and then watched the film!  On to the second?  Well, before that, here’s some meanderings on what I thought of the two.

I wasn’t ever a big fan of Harry Potter.  I remember seeing the first film and thought it was just okay.  I think I didn’t even bother watching the next one or two of films, though I think I saw the third or fourth because friends went to see it, or because it was on TV something.  Then I recall having seen the 4th or 5th one and thinking that it was pretty good and actually went back to watch the ones i missed and watched the rest as they came out.  I guess for me, they were getting better, maybe due to the story or because they were darker films?

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Another New GAYME NIGHT Special  with Carl Li & Jaysen Headley.  This week we are talking about DEMOING and TEACHING BOARD GAMES, featuring a demo we did at THE GEEKERY HQ for DICE MASTERS [DC Comics].


I think it’s also important to note that a factor in how to teach a game is also the type of game it is. What we said in the video might be better for certain games. We’ve certainly taught games to people without having to play through it and teach as we go. Some lend better to that than others. I think games with phases and steps such as trading card, or living card games, like the one we demoed [Dice Masters] are better suited for it, whereas, many boardgames, you can just explain the whole game, phases and all in one chunk. Another factor is just how familiar the game mechanics are to the person being taught.
– Carl


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