Coaching [Performance]

Looking for someone to work with you on a scene, monologue, audition, performance or public speaking?

I’ve always felt I had great intuition and the ability to read people very well.  I feel that I have something to contribute in helping others explore, prepare and learn more about themselves in order to develop a craft for preparation, auditioning and performance in acting, movement, or any other form of expression in the creative arts.

Always free for friends as time permits, otherwise:

$50/hour [pending distance, space must be provided]

VIA INTERNET [Skype, Hangout, FaceTime]
The first time online is free for referrals                                                                                             $40/hour
$25/half hour                                                                                                                                             $15/30 mins [Reader, No Feekback]
$5 /15 mins [Reader, No Feedback]

BFA in Acting
from University of Connecticut
Stanislavski, Absurdism, Contemporary Classics, Greeks,
    Shakespeare and trained in the Suzuki Actor Training under Eric Hill
Eric Morris System at Bova Actors Workshop, NYC with Anthony Bova
Basic Improv

Life 🙂

“Oddfellows Playhouse”
“Looking In” Theatre



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