I teach basic Hip-Pop/Freestyle.

My personal dance style which I call, Hip-Pop (hip-hop, pop, fusion insulation funk, freestyle), is a mostly self-taught.  Other than what’s listed, I’ve performed, and choreographed for a variety of events.

New Yorkers for Dance

Click on the links to see videos and here for photos

Hip-Pop/Freestyle Dance REEL
[A mix of some stuff below, IT’S TOO LONG so I have to re-edit it some time.  SKIP AROUND]

46210_803393271371_4885678_n A.C.T. [Performance Group] – Dancer
Show Preview for Aug. 21, 2012 [I do a little Freestyle here]

My Hip-Pop Class from back in the day

15863_712462542281_4211692_nPOWER SURGE [Performance Group]
Co-Founder, Singer, Dancer, Choreography
Gotta Get Up” Old-School Performance
Whoop There It Is” MTV Lip-Service/Cinnaburst Music Video Contest

Flight of the Conchords [HBO Series]
She’s So Hot …. Boom” – Dancer
Sugarlumps” – Dancer

BB&OWBasic Black and the Off-Whites [Band]
Dancer/Singer, Choreographer

Charlie Demos
[Recording Artist]34414_10150278238100386_4257112_n

368_593093898001_1995_nWinning Season [FILM] – Dancer
Me as a freestyle dancing bean sprout Basketball mascot Behind the scenes

Fiesta! [Performance Group]
Singer, Dancer, Co-Choreography

Asian American Cultural Center, UConn
Dancer, Choreographer
I choreographed a winning performance for the homecoming competition.

I’m passionate about irreverent intuitive movement.  To me, self-expression through movement is almost spiritual.



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