My umbrella brand, and it’s sub-brands for what I create/produce and provide as a service.  Something I came up with in 8th grade 🙂

K.C. Randall Rick Productions on facebook 03

D.J. K’Carl
I used to DJ on the side,..

My brand for Asian Empowerment, related parties, events, etc…

First Impressions
My posts and show with Jaysen Headley where I give my initial thoughts on comics, tv, film, video games, etc.
Co-Produced under Just One More Productions

Gayme Night
My show with Jaysen Headley where we review, unbox, and give first looks on games, board games, etc.
Co-Produced under Just One More Productions

I do some hair cutting on the side too.  Been kutting my own hair for over a decade + now.

I love comics!  Editing, writing, creating, licensing, color separations, PR …

My personal blog & vblog accompaniment, where I explore the creative arts in writing, and other KCRRworks.

Formerly KCRRWrites, my group for writing.  Works is inclusive of other mediums of art.  eg. visual art, crafts, multi-media, original poetry, short stories, plays, screenplays, general writing, performance art, etc.

I love ideas.  I was the “Idea Fairy” in college, ha ha.  I love to collaborate, and brainstorm.  Think Tank anyone?

Go to my personal blog KCRRLives for some of what I speak

Late Cambrian
I recently became the Executive Producer on Late Cambrian’s forthcoming album GOLDEN TIME

Power Surge
This is a performance group that my sister and I headed up back in the day