There’s some original music on my Vlog that accompanies KCRRLives, my personal blog.  

When I was younger, I the co-founder/choreographer of the group Power Surge, a member of performance group Fiesta!, and some others.

Later I was a singer/rapper, dancer, choreographer for Basic Black and the Off-Whites.  I was an Off-White ha ha.  Here’s a little bit of me, that I wrote, from one of our songs, before mixing.

I started teaching myself by watching youtube videos in 2011.  I learned about 6 things I could play, and was starting to learn music theory.  It was very therapeutic :-).  I started to make less and less time to practice, so I would bring it with me everywhere, playing wherever and whenever I could.  Usually it’s while I walk somewhere, like subway stations, silently in the train, or while waiting for something ha ha.  Then I stopped for a little bit, and now, I’m just practicing the same thing I’ve learned since then, working on my fingering, etc.

This is a link to my first time performing a song on my uke.  This is pretty bad, be warned.  I’d just learned this song for someone special, and needed to practice performing it.  It wasn’t completely in my muscle memory yet.

I just started teaching myself to play, but very very slowly.

Back-up singing or dancing, check out the K.C’arl section.

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