Math Warriors: The Web Series

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Love, betrayal…calculus. The Funky Functions, a fictional college math team, strive to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Math Warriors brings together the worlds of math and science with pop culture.  This family friendly webseries has gained acclaim for its comedic, as well as its educational content.   The series has been highlighted for its strong and intelligent female characters, diverse cast, and empowering content. Check out full episodes at!

This summer, Math Warriors, will be featured on FOX 29’s The Crowd Funder Show.    Find out more about Math Warriors on FOX 29’s The Crowd Funder Show, and how you can show your support by clicking HERE.

Contributors get GIFT CARDS in the amount they donated to places like Home Depot and Best Buy! As long as they use the gift card, that means they are NOT actually out any money!


We have been covered by:  WNYC (NPR)Scientific American BlogNational Council of Teachers of MathematicsAmerican Mathematical SocietyMath Forum Internet NewsletterSanta Cruz Sentinel, KSCO radio, radio, Valley Banner Press, and more! See our website for all press coverage.

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The story behind Math Warriors

MATH WARRIORS was created by Kristina Harris, who also wrote and directed the series. MATH WARRIORS won Best Narrative Short/Webseries at the 2013 Winnipeg Film Festival. Throughout the last 5 Seasons, the Funky Functions, a fictional math team, has faced many obstacles in their pursuit to conquer the world of academia. There have been high tension math competitions, math olympiads, love triangles, many scenes in a female prison, financial hardships that have resulted in the main character having to pay her tuition by entering a beauty pageant….

Tensions mount as the several plots of Seasons 2, 3, 4, and 5 converge in this Season 6 blow out! Math’s a real battlefield! MATH WARRIORS is like The Big Bang Theory meets The Office — and it?s online, free to anyone in the world who would like to view it. Laugh at the warriors — and you may not even realize you are learning something about math while you watch…. 

Director Kristina Harris has first-hand experience with science, math, and the world of the nerd. She earned her PhD in Microbial Biochemistry from Cardiff University (UK), and has taught various university level courses at NYU and Columbia University in New York City. Kristina also enjoys filmmaking and conveying positive messages through performing worthwhile material. Kristina’s short film, Diminished Chords, has had great success on the festival circuit, bringing home 9 awards to date including Best Narrative Short, a Platinum Award, and a Director’s Choice award. She earned her BFA from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts before she studied for her PhD. She has always found both the arts world and the science world very exciting and rewarding.

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