‘A HOME FOR WIZARDS’ LAUNCH UPDATE + EXPLODING KITTENS [Gayme Night Review] + Mission:Impossible [Revisited]

Check out the new webpage just for ‘A HOME FOR WIZARDS

AHFW Cover & Back

Official Launch Saturday, January 23, 2016
at The Geekery HQ, NYC

The Geekery HQ
42-11 Broadway, Astoria, New York 11103

6 -9pm officially, but we’ll be around.

There will be BOARD GAMES, FUN, and a READING by author Jaysen Headley.

We will also have SPECIALS on the book.
GET A Love Story for Witches AND A Home For Wizards (so you can get all caught up.)
– A RAFFLE entry for a GEEKERY HQ GIFT CARD, with purchase of a book.
– A DISCOUNT on the book with a purchase at The Geekery HQ!

Pre-orders available NOW at Amazon

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Another New GAYME NIGHT Review by Carl Li & Jaysen Headley featuring EXPLODING KITTENS: NSFW!


Jaysen and I haven’t gone through all the Arnold Schwarzenegger films as I had originally wanted.  Jaysen hadn’t been impressed thus far, so he  isn’t in any rush to see more.  I think for now we’ll see some other films and come back to it later.  We recently saw Mission:Impossible Rogue Nation the 5th in the franchise. Jaysen is a fan of Mission:Impossible, but it turns out, he’s only a recent fan, as he’s only seen the previous one, Ghost Protocol. One of my favorite films is Mission: Impossible 2, so I added the Mission: Impossible films to our list. Tonight we saw the first one.

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A Home For Wizards [Cover Reveal] + Comics Meanderings This Week + MYSTERIUM [Gayme Night Review]

“A Home for Wizards” Official Cover Reveal

Official news by Jaysen Headley on the sequel to “A Love Story For Witches.” Here’s a sneak peak at the cover of the upcoming book, “A Home For Wizards.”


We’ve been working on this book the whole year!  Jaysen had the first draft couple months ago, and we’re editing right now!  Thanks to everyone for all their love and support!  It’s going to be great!

We’re all very excited!  Happy Halloween!!!!!

Now head on over to the link to Jaysen’s post for the official sneak peak!

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Yay, another week of comics!  I’m still catching up with DC You stuff!  This week I’ll be giving my First Impressions on Sinestro #1, Batgirl #41, Red Hood/Arsenal #2, Deathstroke Annual #1, Green Lantern #42, Wonder Woman #43, and Flash #42!

This week I’m also starting to add an ‘out of 10’ rating system in addition to the 5 star system.

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Another New GAYME NIGHT Review with Carl Li & Jaysen Headley featuring MYSTERIUM by Libellud & AsmOdee Games!

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